Small Business Profiles for Major Metropolitan Areas

The Office of Advocacy has launched a new series, the Small Business Profiles for Major Metropolitan Areas. The metropolitan area profiles are part of Advocacy’s state profile series, which provides user-friendly snapshots of national, state, and local small business statistics.

The metropolitan profiles use the latest government data to answer questions like:

  • How many small businesses are in my metropolitan area?
  • How many people do small businesses employ?
  • What are the metropolitan area trends for small businesses and the self-employed?
  • Which industries have the most small businesses and employ the most people?
  • What are the demographic shares of business owners?
  • What are the small business lending trends for the metropolitan area?

Some small business datasets still predate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Profiles 2023

Map of the four regions of the contiguous United States.

Available for Download

Northeast (PDF, 4.65 MB)

Midwest (PDF, 5.27 MB)

South (PDF, 9.38 MB)

West (PDF, 7.24 MB)