DOL Proposes Changes to Agricultural Guest Worker Program (H-2A)

On July 26, 2019, the Department of Labor (DOL) published a proposed rule with changes to the H-2A or the agricultural guest worker program. DOL is changing the Adverse Effect Wage Rate and Prevailing Wage Methodologies utilized for workers under this program, focusing on specific agricultural occupations (as opposed to general combination of wages for field and livestock workers). DOL will add reforestation and pine straw industries to the H-2A program. The proposed rule also requires electronic filing of H-2A applications, increased surety bond amounts, and additional recordkeeping requirements.  

Comments on this rule are due on September 24, 2019.   

  • The text of this proposed rule and further information is posted HERE
  • Comments on this proposed rule are due by September 24, 2019 and can be submitted HERE
  • Advocacy contact: Janis Reyes – 202-619-0312