Consumer Product Safety Roundtable – November 15, 2023

The next Office of Advocacy Consumer Product Safety Roundtable will be held virtually on November 15, 2023, at 1 PM ET on the Microsoft Teams platform. The discussion will focus on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s proposed safety standard for nursing pillows. The roundtable’s purpose will be to gather small entity input and feedback on the issue for discussion. CPSC representatives will be listening in on the roundtable, however, they will not provide comments or feedback.

To register for this roundtable, complete the online form via Microsoft Virtual Events to receive a Microsoft Teams link.


I. Welcome and Safety Standard Introduction (1:00 PM – 1:10 PM)
Meagan Singer, Assistant Chief Counsel, SBA Office of Advocacy
Robert Press, Regulatory Economist, SBA Office of Advocacy

II. Open Discussion – Input from Interested Small Entity Representatives (1:10 PM – 2:00 PM)

III. Adjourn (2:00 PM)

Topic Summary

Overview of CPSC’s Proposed Safety Standard on Nursing Pillows. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently proposed a safety standard for nursing pillows. The Commission is also proposing to amend consumer registration requirements to identify nursing pillows as durable infant or toddler products and to amend the Commission’s list of notice of requirements to include nursing pillows. Among other requirements, the proposed safety standard would regulate the firmness, arm length, and curve of nursing pillows.

The Commission has prepared an initial regulatory flexibility analysis for the rulemaking outlining the costs and impacts to small businesses. The analysis shows that most nursing pillow suppliers are considered small businesses and would be impacted by this rulemaking. The Commission is requesting comments on the rule, and small businesses are encouraged to provide detailed information on the direct cost implications and whether any regulatory alternatives would minimize the impact on small entities.

Written comments are due by November 27, 2023. The public can read the proposed rule and submit comments by visiting the Federal Register.

SBA Advocacy is an independent government office responsible for advancing the views of small businesses in the regulatory policy across the federal government. We conduct roundtables to hear the experiences, challenges, and recommendations of small businesses, and identify alternative approaches for policy development at federal regulatory agencies. Our roundtables are largely held online, to facilitate the attendance of stakeholders from a diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and geographic regions.

Roundtable meetings are open to all interested persons and are intended to facilitate an open and frank discussion about issues of interest to small business. These meetings are off the record and not intended for press purposes. Direct quotations of presenters or attendees may not be used without direct written approval of the person(s) making the statement. All press inquiries should be sent to Chandler Baxter at Agendas and presentations are available to all.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact Assistant Chief Counsel Meagan Singer at

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