Small Business Chemicals Roundtable – July 1, 2024

The Office of Advocacy is announcing its next regularly scheduled Small Business Chemicals Roundtable. The purpose of these roundtables is to bring experts in the regulation of chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and other federal statutes together with small entity representatives to raise awareness of ongoing regulatory efforts and seek small entity feedback. Future regulations may affect small businesses that use targeted chemicals, products containing targeted chemicals, or products made using targeted chemicals. These roundtables provide small entities and their representatives information to aid in their participation in these rulemakings and the chance to interact with TSCA subject matter experts and help inform Advocacy’s activities on their behalf. Advocacy welcomes contributions to the agenda, so please advise if there are any issues on which you would like to present or lead discussion.

The next Office of Advocacy Small Business Chemicals Roundtable will be held virtually on July 1, 2024, at 2 PM ET on the Microsoft Teams platform.

To register for this roundtable, complete the online form via Microsoft Virtual Events to receive a Microsoft Teams meeting link.