FY23 Funding Opportunity for New Economic Research on Small Business Issues

The Office of Advocacy is excited to announce funding for economic research on small business issues.  Advocacy’s new research contract solicitation is available on SAM.gov, and research proposal submissions are open until Monday, August 28, 2023, at 5PM ET.

As an independent office within the Small Business Administration, Advocacy’s mission includes researching the economic contributions and challenges of U.S. small businesses. To fulfill this task, Advocacy periodically funds research through the federal contracting process to produce economic research reports that document the status of small businesses, increase knowledge and understanding of small business issues, and provide policymaking insight.

The research contract solicitation is available: Solicitation No. 73351023Q0321 – Research on Small Business Issues Using Economic Data.

Additional Information:

  • The proposal solicitation and contact information are provided in the SAM.gov posting. To access, click on the link above, or go to SAM.gov and search by the solicitation number or under Small Business Administration.
  • This solicitation is a small business set-aside contract procurement open to all small businesses eligible to compete. If you are a small business or independent researcher, you can register for eligibility or maintain your registration at SAM.gov.
  • This solicitation provides prospective researchers flexibility to propose a relevant research project on an issue within the scope of the solicitation.   
  • To see Advocacy’s research reports, visit https://advocacy.sba.gov/category/research/economic-reports/economic-studies/.