DOL Requests Online Feedback on Opening America’s Workplaces

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) invites small business and workers to participate in the DOL’s “Opening America’s Workplaces Again National Online Dialogue.” Through this dialogue, the public can play a key role in helping to reopen America’s workplaces safely. The public – including employers, workers, local authorities and advocacy groups – is invited to share ideas on six topics:

  1. Reopening businesses;
  2. Commuting safely;
  3. Working safely;
  4. Accommodating members of vulnerable populations;
  5. Supporting America’s families; and
  6. Reducing regulatory burdens.

Ideas and feedback collected during the dialogue will be used by the DOL as it continues to develop compliance assistance materials and guidance for workers and employers, and will be shared with policy-makers at the federal, state and local level as they develop and refine plans on reopening America’s workplaces. The comment period ends May 7, 2020.

Please join the dialogue to submit your ideas, votes, and comments to DOL. Visit to learn more and register for the dialogue today!

Advocacy Contact: Janis Reyes,

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