Richard Apollo Fuhriman Joins Advocacy as Region 10 Advocate

Seattle attorney Apollo Fuhriman joined Advocacy’s regional team in May. He brings a portfolio to the job that includes public policy experience, legal practice and sports medicine.

Most recently, as part of Microsoft Corporation’s government affairs team in Redmond, Wash., Fuhriman worked with local, state, and federal agencies on core issues. During an earlier stint with Microsoft, he prepared visa extension applications. He has also worked on property rights and land use issues.

As region 10 advocate, he represents the office in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Fuhriman said, “My No. 1 priority is to make sure that we in the Northwest are heard back in ‘the other Washington.’ I worked most recently from the technology world at Microsoft and was able to see what a large entity is able to do in working to streamline government processes and I want to transfer the ideas on how to make changes to the small business world, regardless of industry or size of business. In particular, I want to ensure that in the digital economy that regulations and regulators do not limit this hyper-growth economy.”

Earlier in his career, Fuhriman held positions as athletic trainer, supervisor and local representative for the San Francisco Giants, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Seattle Seahawks.

“What excited me most about this position is the opportunity to reach out directly to individuals and small businesses here at home and try to help them by working to make the federal government less onerous. I originally went back to D.C. to help do that, but I like the opportunity to be more directly involved with individuals in this process,” Fuhriman said.

Advocacy will hold small business roundtables in Fuhriman’s region next month.

“We would love for regional small businesses to come and participate and let us know about undue obstacles caused by federal regulations or agencies,” Fuhriman concluded.