Research To Examine Small Business Job Creation, Finance, Veteran-Owned Business, and Sales Tax



“The mission of Advocacy’s Office of Economic Research is to conduct, sponsor, and promote economic research that provides an environment for small business growth.”

The Office of Advocacy recently awarded seven research contracts using fiscal year 2012 funds. The awards are listed in the table on this page. The topics include research into how and why small businesses decide to hire their first employee, the effects of a potential tax on Internet sales on small online retailers, and the benefits of various tax expenditure programs in the federal income tax code to small businesses.  In addition, two studies will be conducted on each of two topics: how the use of credit scores affects small firms’ ability to access capital, especially women and minority-owned firms; and longitudinal, time series analysis of veteran-owned businesses with respect to growth, decline, firm survival, and employment.




The Effect of Credit Scoring on the Ability of Small Businesses to Borrow

Alicia Robb

San Rafael, Calif.

Crossing the Employer Threshold: Evidence on the Determinants of Firms Hiring their First Employee

Robert Fairlie

Santa Cruz, Calif.

Research on Veteran Businesses

Compendium Federal Technology, LLC

Lexington Park, Md.

Credit Scores and Credit Markets Outcomes: Evidence from the SSBF and KFS

Krahenbuhl Global Consulting

Chicago, Ill.

Internet Sales Taxation and Small Online Retailers

Donald Bruce

Walland, Tenn.

Research on Longitudinal Analysis of Veteran-Owned Businesses and Veteran Business Owners

SAG Corporation

Annandale, Va.

Measuring the Benefits of Tax Expenditures Used by Small Business

Quantria Strategies

Cheverly, Md.

—Joseph Johnson, Director of Economic Research