Would Reforming Export Controls Affect Your Business?

The President’s Export Council, Subcommittee on Export Administration (PECSEA) has developed a survey on the impact of export controls and priorities for export reform. This is an opportunity for small firms to make their voices heard on the important issue of export controls and reform.  The survey is designed to take only 15 minutes to complete.  The council intends to provide recommendations related to export reform and the impact that export controls have on U.S. exporters. The council states that the survey tool is anonymous and providing contact information in the survey response is optional; responses should include only information that is not proprietary or business sensitive.

One response per company, to be completed by June 1, 2012.

PECSEA is a federal advisory committee that provides advice on matters pertinent to those portions of the Export Administration Act, as amended, that deal with United States policies of encouraging trade with all countries with which the United States has diplomatic or trading relations and of controlling trade for national security and foreign policy reasons.