Updated Data Available for Regulatory Flexibility Analyses

The Census Bureau recently published new Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) data. Agencies often use this data to estimate the number of small entities affected by a rule and the revenue of small entities.

The updated SUSB data includes employment and receipts estimates for U.S. businesses by six-digit NAICS code and by business size category. For industries where the Small Business Administration’s size standard is based on employment, 2018 data has firms and employment by employment-based size categories and 2017 data has receipts by employment-based size categories. For industries where the SBA’s size standard is based on revenue, 2017 data includes firms, employment, and receipts by revenue-based size categories.

We have updated links to SUSB in our Data Resources for Federal Agencies along with links to other resources federal agencies may find useful in preparing RFA analyses. For in-depth guidance on developing an RFA analysis, agencies should consult “A Guide for Government Agencies: How to Comply with the Regulatory Flexibility Act.” Advocacy also offers training to federal agencies on the RFA. To schedule an RFA training at your agency, contact advocacy@sba.gov.