Rhode Island Law Lightens Burden of Regulations

On November 9, Rhode Island Governor Carcieri signed into law Senate Bill 290, which aims to help reduce the burden of unfair regulations on small businesses. The bill, sponsored by Senator Leo R. Blais, establishes a chapter in Rhode Island General Laws for small business regulatory fairness in administrative procedures. It also calls for the designation of a small business enforcement ombudsman by the director of the economic development corporation. The ombudsman will work with the state agencies to ensure that small business concerns are addressed. The bill also directs the state’s Small Business Advocacy Council to advise the ombudsman on issues relating to small business concerns and agency enforcement.

 Senator Blais serves on the Senate’s Small Business Task Force, which explores ways to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses in the state. Although S.B. 290 predates the task force, many of the task force’s objectives are incorporated in the bill.  

 “I am pleased to see this important legislation pass the Assembly,” said Senator Blais. “Small businesses have historically been a significant facet of our state’s economy, and will be even more so as we work to get out of this recession. This bill will help small business owners do what they do best—run their businesses—instead of spending countless hours dealing with the hassle posed by unfair regulations.”

—Kate Reichert, Regulatory and Legislative Counsel

  1. RI Chiropractic says

    Nice to hear that small business might get a break.

  2. South East Discovery says

    I agree with RI Chiropractic. Small businesses are what drive this economy; we have to do whatever we can to protect them.


  3. MLall says

    This is honestly one of the best things I’ve heard!

    Small business owners do so much more than people realize and it’s good to hear that these people will have some sort of relief.

  4. Suffolk Photographer says

    To echo the above comments – Small Business is what keeps the local economies ticking over.

    I am fortunate that I have access to free and impartial advice for SOHO and I’m glad to see others getting help too.


  5. NYC Condo Man says

    Good to hear! I am a huge advocate of providing relief for the small business man. We have to provide jobs and pay for benefits. It is about time for someone to look after us.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. PCI Compliance says

    This could be an early gift from the government.

  7. Palm Harbor Chiropractor says

    This was good to read. Small business is the backbone of this country and does not qualify for a bailout. We have to survive by being productive. In this economy, we can use some relief.

  8. Barb says

    This is great news. I own a small business and appreciate all the help that is given. I really enjoy reading this blog. Thanks

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