Citation Study Opens Door to a Wealth of Small Business Research

Interested in the relationship between gender and the finances accessed by entrepreneurial firms, or venture capital and the commercialization of technology?  How about business angels, minority entrepreneurship, rural innovators, entrepreneurship in urban areas, veteran business owners, or the cost of regulation?  Perhaps you need to know more about entrepreneurial creativity, firm or job creation, home-based business, federal procurement, survival rates, health care, exporting, or business succession planning.

Whatever your small business passion, someone is likely to have studied it.  All of these topics and hundreds more are among those explored by authors who have made use of Advocacy research over the past decade and a half.  Studies citing Advocacy research between 1992 and 2007 are listed by author, study cited, and topic in Office of Advocacy Research Academic Citation Study, 1992-2007.  Take a look at it—it’s a great reference source and an interesting exploration for students and advocates of small business.

— Kathryn Tobias, Senior Editor

  1. Answering Service says

    Sounds like a great resource. I can’t wait to tap into it. You can’t stop learning if you want to stay on top.

  2. Labor Statistics says

    This is a phenomenal resource, thank you for sharing. I took a quick preview and it looks like it has some very helpful information on entrepreneurship statistics and research. I now have it bookmarked so I can refer back to it when doing my own research in the future.

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