Regional Advocates

The Office of Advocacy has regional advocates in each of the 10 federal regions. This team identifies new issues and concerns of small business owners. They work closely with local government officials, state officials and legislators, and the Chief Counsel for Advocacy to develop programs and policies that support small business growth.

Regional Map 2019

Contact Your Advocate

RegionAdvocateContact InfoRegion Info3 Reasons to Love
Your Region
Region 1Vacantn/aLearn more!View PDF
Region 2Vacantn/aLearn more!View PDF
Region 3Ngozi BellNgozi.Bell@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
Region 4Montez DiamondMontez.Diamond@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
Region 5Darryl DePriestDarryl.DePriest@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
Region 6Janea JamisonJanea.Jamison@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
Region 7Darcella CravenDarcella.Craven@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
Region 8John HartJohn.Hart@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
Region 9Vacantn/aLearn more!View PDF
Region 10Jennifer ClarkJennifer.Clark@sba.govLearn more!View PDF
This list is updated as regional advocates are appointed.