Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes Nonessential Experimental Population for Grizzly Bears in Washington State

On September 29, 2023, the Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) published a proposed rule in the Federal Register establishing a nonessential experimental population (NEP) of the grizzly bear within the U.S. portion of the North Cascades Ecosystem in the State of Washington. The proposed NEP area includes most of the State of Washington except for an area in northeastern Washington that encompasses the Selkirk Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone.

Designating a threatened or endangered species as a NEP under the Endangered Species Act serves as a method for the FWS to reintroduce that species into their habitat.

FWS has certified that the proposed rule will not have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.

Comments on the proposed rule are due November 13, 2023.