Spotlighting Labor Day

On the first Monday in September, we recognize and honor the American labor force. Since the late 1800s, this federal holiday has been celebrated annually. Labor Day typically signifies the end of summer and the beginning of fall. While back-to-school and fall sales are everywhere, Americans also celebrate labor with end of the year picnics, parades, and parties. In recognition of American laborers, please see the information below.

  • Small businesses employ 61.7 million Americans, totaling 46.4% of private sector employees.
  • Between 1995 and 2019, US small business employment grew by 17.2 percent, reaching 61.7 million employees in 2019.
  • During the past 25 years, small businesses generated 12.9 million net new jobs, which have accounted for 66 percent of employment growth.
  • There were about 11.3 million job openings for smaller employer establishments in February 2022.

Advocacy outreach and resources:

Region 7 Advocate Darcella Craven met with several small business members of the JE Dunn Minority Contractor Development participants in Omaha, NE. The program is designed to develop minority small businesses in preparation to bid on work with the company.

Small business owner Consuella McCain MPA, CCA, Chief Strategist of the KC Consulting Group (front-left), Region 7 advocate Darcella Craven (front-right), and small business owners (back).

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