NTIA Requests Public Comment on National Spectrum Strategy

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration recently released a notice seeking public comment on the development of a National Spectrum Strategy. Specifically, NTIA seeks input from stakeholders, including small businesses, on three proposed ‘pillars’ of a national strategy to accelerate U.S. leadership in wireless communications and other spectrum-based technologies.

The three pillars are described as:

  1. A Spectrum Pipeline to Ensure U.S. Leadership in Spectrum-Based Technologies;
  2. Long-Term Spectrum Planning; and
  3. Unprecedented Spectrum Access and Management Through Technology Development.

Comments are due April 17, 2023, and may be submitted through the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal. The docket established for this proceeding can be found at www.Regulations.gov, NTIA-2023-0003. NTIA will also announce a series of public listening sessions that will be held concurrently with the comment period.

Please contact Jamie Saloom at Jamie.Saloom@sba.gov at the Office of Advocacy with your small business concerns.

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