FCC Enables Members of the Public to Improve its National Broadband Map

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its new National Broadband Map. The new maps allow consumers to enter an address to see the availability of residential and business broadband internet at any location within the United States. The FCC is asking members of the public to help improve the maps. Consumers can challenge the accuracy of the coverage maps directly through links provided via the interactive map. See the FCC Broadband Data page for more information about the maps and the challenge process. The FCC has also provided an outreach toolkit, which includes infographics, audio and video files, and other materials that members of the public can use to increase awareness of this project.

Access to affordable broadband internet continues to be important for small businesses in today’s economy. The data generated by the FCC will help policy makers assess whether consumers, including small businesses, have access to a competitive marketplace for broadband services. Additionally, the data generated by the FCC will be relied upon for determining the most efficient use of federal broadband deployment funds provided under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The Office of Advocacy continues to work on behalf of small businesses to ensure that the FCC adopts policies that will ultimately reduce the cost and increase the availability of high-speed internet access for small businesses. Improving the National Broadband Map is a way for the business community to participate in the FCC’s important policy making.

Please reach out to Assistant Chief Counsel Jamie Saloom at Jamie.Saloom@sba.gov with any questions.

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