White House Office Seeks Input On Defining And Supporting Sustainable Chemistry

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 tasked the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) with convening an interagency entity to coordinate Federal programs and activities in support of sustainable chemistry. This group will develop a strategic plan for sustainable chemistry, which would include a framework of attributes and metrics to characterize sustainable chemistry, an assessment of the state of sustainable chemistry in the United States, identification of federal regulatory barriers to and opportunities for federal agencies facilitating sustainable chemistry, and more.

As part of this group’s outreach, OSTP has published a Request for Information (RFI) in the Federal Register. The public is invited to answer questions posed in the RFI and to provide other perspectives on sustainable chemistry.

Comments on the RFI are due via email only by June 3, 2022.

In support of this RFI, Advocacy is convening a small business roundtable on Friday, May 6th, to discuss the role of small business in sustainable chemistry and the small business perspectives on the questions in the RFI.

For more information, contact Assistant Chief Counsel by sending an email to Dave Rostker at david.rostker@sba.gov or Tayyaba Zeb at tayyaba.zeb@sba.gov.

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