EPA Seeks Small Business Input on Revision to Air Emissions Reporting Requirements Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is inviting qualified small businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations to participate as Small Entity Representatives (SERs) for a Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) Panel. This Panel will focus on the agency’s development of proposed revisions to the existing Air Emissions Reporting Requirements (AERR) rule. The proposal may add reporting requirements to gather data about hazardous air pollutants, emissions rate test results from facilities, emissions from facilities in Indian Country that are not currently reporting emissions data, and emissions from small electricity generating units used intermittently, such as to meet demand on high electricity usage days.  

Small entities that may be subject to the rule requirements can self-nominate to participate, as may other representatives, such as trade associations.

EPA requests self-nominations by April 19, 2022. Advocacy will continue to accept self-nominations until the panel meets with the SERs.

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