Report On The Regulatory Flexibility Act, FY 2021: Annual Report Of The Chief Counsel For Advocacy On Implementation Of The Regulatory Flexibility Act And Executive Order 13272

As the voice of small business in government, the Office of Advocacy is working to bring small businesses’ priorities into the regulatory process. Advocacy’s efforts at ensuring federal agency compliance with the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) resulted in changes to rules that reduced the regulatory burden for small businesses, critical in these unprecedented times.

Advocacy’s “Report on the Regulatory Flexibility Act, FY 2021,” provides details on those efforts. RFA compliance led to $3.277 billion in small business regulatory cost savings in FY 2021. Although the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted in-person operations, Advocacy’s efforts to bring small businesses and policymakers together included 20 issue roundtables in FY 2021, held online. Additionally, Advocacy provided RFA training to 290 federal officials in 9 agencies throughout FY 2021.

Report on the Regulatory Flexibility Act, FY 2021

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