EPA Seeks Small Entity Representatives for SBREFA Panel on Upcoming Oil and Natural Gas Methane Rule

EPA is now recruiting small entity representatives for a possible SBREFA panel on a rulemaking to further regulate methane emissions from oil and gas production. A SBREFA panel would consult with small entities that would be directly regulated by the rule on the possible economic impacts and regulatory alternatives to minimize those impacts.

As part of Executive Order 13990, ”Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis,” EPA must consider issuing a proposed rule by September 2021 to change the Oil and Gas Sector emission standards issued by the previous Administration. This is separate from efforts under the Congressional Review Act to rescind the policy changes that lifted methane control requirements for production and processing facilities, but the two efforts could merge in an eventual proposed rule.

Earlier in May, EPA announced public listening sessions for stakeholders and opened a public docket for written comments. EPA is now seeking small entity representatives to participate in the SBREFA panel, which would need to be completed this summer to meet the September 2021 deadline. EPA asks to receive nominations by June 4, 2021, but Advocacy will continue to accept nominations after that date.