FCC Releases Agenda and Draft Proposals for April Open Commission Meeting

The Federal Communications Commission has announced the agenda for its April 22, 2021 Open Commission Meeting.  At the meeting the FCC will vote on the following proposals, please follow the links below to view the draft documents on circulation at the FCC:

  • Text-to-988
    The Commission will consider a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to increase the effectiveness of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by proposing to require covered text providers to support text messaging to 988. (WC Docket No. 18-336)
  • Commercial Space Launch Operations
    The Commission will consider a Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would adopt a new spectrum allocation for commercial space launch operations and seek comment on additional allocations and service rules. (ET Docket No. 13-115)
  • Wireless Microphones
    The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes to revise the technical rules for Part 74 low-power auxiliary station (LPAS) devices to permit a recently developed, and more efficient, type of wireless microphone system. (RM-11821; ET Docket No. 21-115)
  • Improving 911 Reliability
    The Commission will consider a Third Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to promote public safety by ensuring that 911 call centers and consumers receive timely and useful notifications of disruptions to 911 service. (PS Docket Nos. 13-75, 15-80; ET Docket No. 04-35
  • Concluding the 800 MHz Band Reconfiguration
    The Commission will consider an Order to conclude its 800 MHz rebanding program due to the successful fulfillment of this public safety mandate. (WT Docket No. 02-55)
  • Enhancing Transparency of Foreign Government-Sponsored Programming
    The Commission will consider a Report and Order to require clear disclosures for broadcast programming that is sponsored, paid for, or furnished by a foreign government or its representative. (MB Docket No. 20-299)
  • Imposing Application Cap in Upcoming NCE FM Filing Window
    The Commission will consider a Public Notice to impose a limit of ten applications filed by any party in the upcoming 2021 filing window for new noncommercial educational FM stations. (MB Docket No. 20-343)

Please contact Jamie Saloom at the Office of Advocacy with any questions.