Annual Report of the Office of Economic Research, FY 2019

To support Advocacy’s mission of examining the role and contributions of small businesses, the Office of Economic Research spent FY 2019 providing timely and relevant research products, analyzing proposed regulations for small business impacts, and promoting and presenting its research and statistics to small business stakeholders.

In fiscal year 2019, OER published 20 research products, including its new small business profiles by congressional district for the first time. This new ongoing profile series provides key statistics on small business economic activity, such as employment and payroll from small businesses overall and by industry, for each congressional district in the U.S. Additionally, in FY19, Advocacy published its first small business trade report for the USMCA under the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. In this report, OER assessed the impacts of trade with Mexico and Canada on small businesses to inform policymakers before ratification of the USMCA. Furthermore, OER updated its seminal original research series on estimating small business contributions to economic output in its report, “Small Business GDP, 1998 – 2014.”

Download – Annual Report of the Office of Economic Research FY 2019