EPA seeks small businesses that manufacture, use, or are exposed to Carbon Tetrachloride or Trichloroethylene (TCE) for SBREFA panel

EPA has recently found unreasonable risks to workers and occupational non-users for 13 of the 15 conditions of use for carbon tetrachloride and unreasonable risk for 52 conditions of use for TCE. This means that the agency will have to regulate those risks, which can include use-restrictions or bans, among other options.

EPA is now seeking small businesses and their representatives to serve as Small Entity Representatives for a SBREFA panel in anticipation of this rulemaking to address these unreasonable risks. EPA requests nominations by December 14, 2020.

To nominate small businesses and/or their representatives to participate in either or both of the SBREFA panels visit the EPA SBREFA website for information and instructions:

For additional information, contact Assistant Chief Counsel Tabby Zeb, tayyaba.zeb@sba.gov, 202-205-6790.  Copy Assistant Chief Counsel Zeb on your nominations.

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