How Big of an Impact Do Small Businesses Make? Recent Publication Has the Answers

Release No. 18-36 ADV

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Office of Advocacy’s publication, “Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business,” describes small businesses’ overall contribution to the U.S. economy.

It was recently updated with the latest government statistics.

  • Most businesses are small – 99.9 percent of all firms are small. The total number of small businesses just surpassed 30 million.
  • Exports – Small businesses generated 32.9 percent of known export value.
  • Percent of payroll – Small businesses pay 40.8 percent of private sector payroll.
  • Job creation – They are the nation’s job creators. They generated 66 percent of net new jobs since 2000.
  • Longevity – About half of all establishments survive at least five years, and about one-third survive at least 10 years.

Advocacy has also adapted the top small business facts into a contemporary infographic. “What’s New with Small Business,” shows the latest government statistics on small businesses’ overall contribution to the U.S. economy in a precise and colorful fashion.

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Emily Theroux