Mitch Tyner to Remain Advocacy’s Senior Advisor, Forgoes Run for Mississippi Seat in U.S. Congress

Release Number: 18-08 ADV

Mitch Tyner to Remain Advocacy’s Senior Advisor,  Forgoes Run for Mississippi Seat in U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After careful consideration, Mitchell H. Tyner will continue his role serving small businesses in the Trump Administration, forgoing the opportunity to seek the U.S. Congressional seat for Mississippi’s 3rd District.

A resident of Ridgeland, Miss., Tyner was appointed in September 2017 to serve as senior advisor/regional director in the SBA Office of Advocacy. After Congressman Gregg Harper’s decision not to seek re-election, Tyner considered a run for the seat. After consulting with SBA’s White House liaison, senior staff at the Office of Advocacy, and family, Tyner decided against running.

Major L. Clark III, Acting Chief Counsel for Advocacy said, “We are delighted Mitch has decided to remain with our office for the long haul.  He is an asset to the Office of Advocacy, always focused on President Trump’s initiative to eliminate burdensome regulations on America’s small businesses.  Tyner’s dedication to his role has already led to significant accomplishments in this new administration.”

“It is a great privilege to serve the administration as Senior Advisor to the Acting Chief Counsel for Advocacy.  The Office of Advocacy has been working in tandem with the administration on President Trump’s deregulatory actions and executive orders,” said Tyner. “I am honored that fellow Mississippians sought me out for this critical leadership role, however I am committed to completing the job for which I have been appointed.  Our nation’s small businesses are the lifeblood of economic growth, new job creation, and American prosperity. Small business owners and stakeholders are relying on this administration to support them by advising federal agencies on the importance of eliminating regulations most overbearing and costly to the nation’s 29.6 million small businesses.”

The Office of Advocacy is the watchdog of the Regulatory Flexibility Act. Advocacy’s Regional Regulatory Reform Roundtable initiative is helping guide federal agencies to maximize the small business impact of deregulatory actions. For more information on Tyner’s role in Advocacy, please refer to this press release announcing his appointment: