Advocacy Looking for Online Feedback on Regulation

Release No. 17-06

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Office of Advocacy is involved in regulatory reform efforts underway as a result of two recent executive orders. Agency implementation of these executive orders offer significant opportunities for regulatory relief targeted to small businesses. As an independent voice for small business within the federal government, Advocacy has a unique and important role to aid agency implementation of the executive orders. To help small businesses give feedback easier and more effective, Advocacy has created a new website and form to obtain feedback from small businesses on harmful federal regulation.

The regulatory reform webpage can be found at: On this page, you will find links to both executive orders from President Donald J. Trump and a link to a form where Advocacy hopes to capture feedback from small businesses across the United States. The form will capture which federal agency regulations are causing problems for small businesses.  The form can be found at: Advocacy plans to use this information to help plan upcoming regulatory roundtables across the U.S. The information will also be passed along to the appropriate federal agency to help them identify which regulations are burdening small business.

Advocacy will be reaching far and wide across the U.S. to reach small businesses to have them send in information so we can help them by reporting their concerns and representing them in front of federal agencies, Congress, and the White House. We hope to help remove some of the red tape burden that is currently placed on the backs of small businesses.