June-July 2014 Issue of The Small Business Advocate Released

The Office of Advocacy released the June-July 2014 edition of The Small Business Advocate. The newsletter highlights The Office of Advocacy’s efforts to help the University of New Orleans (UNO) obtain a grant to study and improve a device used by coastal fisherman to protect sea turtles from their nets. Advocacy worked with small shrimping businesses along the coast of Louisiana to identify their concerns about the device, known as the turtle excluder device (or TED). UNO’s project aims to improve the device and make it easier and more cost-effective for small shrimpers to utilize. In addition, this issue covers recent Advocacy roundtable sessions dealing with two Department of Labor rulemakings: one on proposed minimum wage rules for federal contractors, and the other focusing on overtime regulations. The newsletter also introduces Advocacy’s new and improved State Small Business Profiles; summarizes a new Advocacy study on small business procurement goals; and links to recent comment letters.

In This Issue

Regional News:

  • Public-Private Effort Focuses on Improving Device to Protect Sea Turtles, 1

Message from the Chief Counsel:

  • Our Small Business Landscape: Advocacy Improves State Small Business Profiles, 3

Research News:

  • Office of Advocacy Releases Small Business Profiles, 2
  • Study Examines Small Business Procurement Goals, 7

Regulatory News:

  • Advocacy Roundtable Examines Proposed Minimum Wage Rules, 4
  • Small Business Representatives Discuss Overtime Regulations in Listening Session, 5
  • Regulatory Comment Letters, 8

Advocacy News:

  • Advocacy’s Chief Counsel Speaks on National Journal Panel, 6
  • Legal Interns Join Advocacy for the Summer, 7

The full issue of the newsletter can be found on Advocacy’s website here.

June-July newsletter front

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