Small Business Lending Continued to Improve in First Quarter 2013

The Office of Advocacy’s Quarterly Lending Bulletin for the first quarter of 2013 suggests that while the total amount of small business lending is not yet on the rise, the overall picture is improving. The total amount was down slightly, by 0.3 percent for the quarter, but small commercial and industrial loans continued moderate growth. (See chart 1.)

Small Business Loan Growth

In addition, the value of loans under $100,000 increased by 1.6 percent, building on the previous quarter’s slight uptick of 0.2 percent. Bankers reported stronger demand for small business loans and eased lending policies for business loans for the quarter.

—Kathryn Tobias, Senior Editor

  1. Dan says

    I don’t see small business loans increasing much more than this. Many small business owners take out loans against their house for their first start up. Those folks who bought homes in the early 2000’s are still underwater and have no equity built up. No Equity = No Loan.

  2. David says

    I absolutely agree with Dan. People do not have equity to take loans. I used to work in a large bank and few years ago many business clients were unable to get even small loans.

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