FWS Announces Comment Period To Review Status of the West Coast Fisher Population

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced the opening of an information gathering period regarding the status of the fisher (Martes pennanti) throughout the range of its West Coast distinct population segment (DPS) in the United States. The status review will be used in determining whether the West Coast DPS of the fisher warrants listing it as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Comments are due by May 3, 2013.

•           Proposed Rule from the Federal Register.
•           Submit Comments  on this request on Regulations.gov.
•           Advocacy contact: Assistant Chief Counsel Kia Dennis, (202) 205-6936.

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Fisher (Martes pennanti).

The fisher (Martes pennant) is a small mammal that lives in forested habitats where prey is abundant. Its name is misleading since fishers do not actually catch fish. © Getty Images.

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