Past Event Announcement: Where will you be on September 19th?

You could be going to work as usual. You could be stuck in traffic. You could be studying law, learning the latest computer program, or working on an economics problem. You could be planning to participate in a “Startup Weekend”—or if you just attended one, you could be seeking out funding for the new business your team created in 54 hours.

Or you could be in Seattle—a city of innovation and good coffee—for the “Next Fifty” commemoration of the 1962 World’s Fair. There you could visit a museum of interactive media. You could visit a “parking squid”—an innovative bike rack with a raised bikewheel-clutching tentacle. You could pop your head into “Metropolis,” described as a “personal biosphere” in which people “have an up-close experience of a landscape of native Pacific Northwest plants, as if a section of local forest floor was transported to the interior of the city.”

But the best reason to be in Seattle on September 19th is to join the Office of Advocacy in an exciting one-day conversation about innovation and entrepreneurship, cosponsored with the Seattle Center, Northwest Entrepreneur Network, K&L Gates, and

If you haven’t already registered, there’s still room! For more information, photos and bios of all of the day’s dynamic panels, and to register for the Advocacy event, visit Small Business and Government: Maximizing Entrepreneurship, Driving Innovation.

 —Kathryn Tobias, Senior Editor





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