Exporters and Exporting Hopefuls: Give Us Your Thoughts!

Are you exporting or thinking of exporting but facing some hurdles? Do you have an idea that would help us help you? The export assistance programs of 20 federal government agencies, represented by the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), want to know how to serve you better!

The government, including the Small Business Administration, has set a goal of doubling our national exports over the next five years. To do that, they need your help and they’ve put out a Federal Register notice asking for your ideas between June 30 and July 26.

Specifically, the TPCC is interested in insights from exporters and other businesses, trade associations, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and other interested parties about:

  1. federal government programs or regulations that impede the ability of U.S. companies to export;
  2. effective trade promotion programs and activities by foreign countries that could inform or improve U.S. federal government program development;
  3. the most—or least—effective U.S. federal government programs that support U.S. exports, including specific experiences with these programs;
  4. steps the federal government could take to improve its programs supporting U.S. exports; and
  5. more generally, how the federal government could better help U.S. businesses export.

Your input will help the agencies plan for the ‘National Export Initiative” (NEI) called for in President Obama’s State of the Union message and officially launched by Executive Order 13534.  Please take a few minutes before the July 26, 2010, deadline to submit comments in response to the NEI Federal Register notice.

And thanks for your help!

—Kathryn Tobias,  Senior Editor, Office of Advocacy

  1. Engagement Rings Denver says

    I think it’s a great idea to ask for input. We could certainly use a few changes in the jewelry industry because we ship internationally frequently. It’s hard for some small businesses to compete in the international market at times because of the restricitons.

  2. Chase says

    I’m not a current exporter but I would be interested in reading how this goal will be accomplished.

  3. Alan Veron says

    why not just lend money to people who want to export american products. like the chinese do. for exemple i have identified many american products that sells really good in countries where there are housing boom. like door, tiles,american made door locks. A lot of things of that of that nature are in demand around the world. My familly made a fortune selling construction supply in the sub-sahara and most of the products comes from china. for the most part the products are garbage because the materials break easily no quality. But i noticed that most american made good do last longer. the only probleme most customers want them but they dont event have essy access to the products. I alwayz wanted to export american made products but dont have the funds, what should i do.

  4. Wedding Favors Depot says

    We would much prefer to do manufacturing here in the USA and export our products but the US Gov. makes it so difficult because of all the costs involved for small business. Companies like ours are forced to import much from China, only to ship it right back out to Europe and other parts of Asia. What are we missing here in our country? If the gov made things easier we could keep all that money at home.

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