Research Contracting Opportunities

The Office of Advocacy’s mission includes providing research documenting the status of small businesses and the impact of important trends on them.  Areas of continuing interest are listed below.  In addition to increasing knowledge about small business in general, these areas are noteworthy because they may provide policymaking insight or serve as a foundation for further research.

Note that the procedures for submitting proposals are different this year.  These research opportunities are being offered through a broad agency announcement (BAA) with various research areas listed.  Bidders will submit proposals in one or more of the following areas based on this one solicitation.  Bidders are not required to submit a proposal on each topic.

The deadline for submitting proposals is FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2009 – a shorter time period than in the past.  The following issue areas are currently open:

  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0014: Research on the Tax Gap and Small Business
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0015: Credit Markets for Small Businesses in the United States
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0016: The Role of H1-B Visa Availability in Small Firm Hiring
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0017: Research on Small Business and Innovation, Job Growth, and Green Entrepreneurship
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0018: Research on Health Insurance and Small Business
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0019: Research on Small Business Procurement
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0020: Research on Veteran Entrepreneurship
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0021: Small Business Industrial Organization Research
  • SBAHQ-09-Q-0022: Small Business Research by Graduate Students

The proposal solicitations and synopses are listed in FedBizOpps (  (If this link is not active, go to and search for Small Business Administration listings, solicitation number SBAHQ072309BAA.)  Each of these research opportunities are small business set-asides.

See the attached performance work statements on FedBizOpps for more information on each issue area.  It is important that all respondents follow the instructions provided for submitting proposals.  Please note that regular mail to government offices in Washington, D.C., experiences significant delays.  Other methods, such as overnight and certified mail, are preferred and are more timely.

For ideas of previously funded research by the Office of Advocacy, see

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