Kudos For r3!


            The Federal Aviation Administration has finalized its Special Flight Rules Area rule for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The new rule imposes flight restrictions on aircraft operating in and around the national capital area.

            Our office designated the rule one of the 2008 Top 10 Rules for Review and Reform as part of the Regulatory Review and Reform (r3) initiative.

            FAA’s final rule creates a smaller restricted airspace than was originally imposed, removing some 33 small airports and helipads from the regulation.  These changes reduce the economic impact of the rule while maintaining the FAA’s security parameters.  The change to a smaller, more uniform, airspace addressed many of the issues raised in public comments and in the r3 nomination.

            The r3 nominator, owner of Potomac Airfield in Maryland, had this to say about Advocacy’s involvement:

I offer that SBA’s Office of Advocacy’s role in FAA’s “Special Flight Rules Area,” and other matters, both in security and more general regulatory activities, has fundamentally changed the way the US Government does business, all to the better. . .

I believe SBA and regflex have taught various agencies to step more carefully, and more lightly. . .

I am optimistic that as a result of SBA activities, our government has achieved a far better balance between security and economy; bringing complex and often conflicting objectives into a more mutually stable position.  That’s a good day’s work!

            To that, we say “Thanks for the kudos!”

— John McDowell