1. Hank Wilfong says

    I’ll be back with a comment tomorrow. I just discovered the blog site. And, all I can say is, it’s about time.

    Gotta go, now, I have a candidate we need to elect so we can Change how ya’ll do things in Washington, D.C. I got some campaigning to do.

    Be back tomorrow..

  2. Hank Wilfong says

    Yes, The Wilfong Hour got stolen-yet again. The stealer denies it, but Wyllene and I agree, Judith Roussel, SBA Chicago District Director stole our session today.

    We were deep into our session, when this email message pops up on my screen:
    I would like to make what I think could be helpful comments about Mentor/Protege, but don’t really want to get into all the other SBA issues…what do you think?”

    All this time, while we were talking about SBA doing this, and SBA not doing that, Judith had been a “fly on the wall”. She picked her spot well. And, she spread the knowledge well, about SBA’s 8(a) Mentor/Protégé program. She said it is “one of the best SBA programs”.

    And, she agreed with me that, more people ought take advantage of it.

    She talked at length about the “firm development” (our words) aspects of the program. And, she talked about how it could enhance the competitive viability of firms. She answered several questions about it from participants of the call. And, they ate it up.

    As we talked about how she had stolen the show “just like Jeffrey Ortiz, of NIH, had done last week, we idled asked, “Jeffrey, are you on the line”. “Yes, Hank”, came the raspy response from Jeffrey.

    And, he joined right in-Again.
    On the spot, we invited them both to be a part of The New Beginning, November 6th, in Houston. Now, we know the “red tape” that can be involved when you ask Government folk to go across certain lines. But, we really don’t have time to get too persnickity
    over “territorial” stuff.

    NASDB makes a formal invitation two Judith and Jeffrey to come out to be with us. The SDB Community needs to hear what they got to say.

    It’s really very simple. We’re preaching about success. We’re preaching about equal protection under the law. And, we’re preaching about “spreading the wealth”.

    We have no problem dealing with buggaboos. You know like “spreading the wealth” .
    Some folk are running around talking about, us talking about, “spreading the wealth”.

    And, some of those folk are “us”. Let us deal with that first. There’s only a VERY select few of those who get our Issuances who HAVE the wealth we’re talking about spreading. So, don’t let anyone persuade you that we’re getting after what you got and giving it to others-you know, “those Po folk”.

    It’s not about any “class warfare”. That is unless you’re talking about changing that 80/20 ratio that the Bigs have over the Smalls in government contracting. And, it is, when you’re talking about the Bigs getting Billions of contracts intended for contracting with small firms.

    What we’re talking about is “spreading the wealth” in the production of goods and services in this great country of ours. We’re talking about small disadvantaged businesses being involved in sharing the wealth of the global economy of the World.

    Now, in order for this to be done, these small disadvantaged businesses must be able to be competitively viable. We’re talking about them being able to compete, here in the United States, first. Then, we expect they may want to go global. In order to do that, there must be the realization that they “need some help”.

    That, folk, is the reason behind the enactment of the laws designed to provide the necessary assistance through the Government programs. P.L. 95-507, enacted in 1978, was the Grandfather of them all. It was designed to promote the competitive viability we talk about. Without that competitive viability, all this talk we’re doing is just that-talk.

    Sole-sourcing was a valuable tool, back in the day. It helped us tremendously in “firm development”. We don’t think them folk of today fully understand what the term “firm development” really means. They talk the talk. But, they don’t walk the walk. Thus, the 8(a) firms of today do not get the kind of attention and “hand-holding” they need.

    Yes, we said “hand-holding”. Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) need hand-holding. What’s wrong with acknowledging that. Why do you think we call them “disadvantaged”? Why do you think The Congress of The United States enacting laws providing for assistance to them. So, let’s give them what they need. To us, it’s all a part of the equal protection under the law as guaranteed by The Constitution.

    We’re elated over The Wilfong Hour session we completed a short while ago. We started this Issuance before The Hour. So, we wanted to finish it. As usual, The Hour was AWESOME. More on that, tomorrow. We’re just wrapping up a 11-hour day. We gotta “rest” for a couple hours before going to one of the “evening community sessions” we attend on Monday, here in Savannah. Keeping up with Wyllene, wears the Ol’ Sarge out. But, this is our community now, and these folk need some help…

    The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall-YES WE CAN!!!!!

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