Advocacy Submits Comment on EPA’s Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard

Advocacy recently submitted comments on EPA’s May 2009 proposed rule concerning the Renewable Fuel Standard Program. The rule under consideration would require specified types and amounts of renewable fuels to be blended into the nation’s gasoline and diesel fuel. It would require ever-increasing amounts of renewable fuels such as ethanol and cellulose-based fuel to be added to U.S. petroleum stocks over the coming years. Refiners would have to either blend the renewable fuels into their products or buy renewable fuel credits from a national credit exchange.

 In a comment letter filed on September 25, Advocacy conveyed the concerns of small business fuel refiners about the program. Small refiners are concerned that (1) the fuel standard is not technically feasible because many of the mandated renewable fuels are not currently commercially available, and (2) the price of fuel credits may be exorbitantly high or the credits themselves may not be available. Advocacy recommended that EPA either delay the implementation schedule for small refiners until these problems can be solved, or implement it in phases to allow time for these problems to be adequately addressed. And fyi, Advocacy’s website contains a fact sheet summarizing the letter’s main points.

 —Keith Holman, Assistant Chief Counsel

  1. website design says

    We small business owners are glad you are looking out for us.

  2. James White says

    We need all the support we can get, Thanks.

  3. Dan Dubli says

    In my opinion the EPA should strive to enforce the highest renewable fuel standard possible. This will ensure more environmentally conscious fuel use and more more ecologically responsible culture. Great post!

  4. Arun Agrawal says

    While it is important to implement eco-friendly measures to help the environment, one cannot hurriedly setup legislation that cannot be implemented on the ground.

    The cost of mass producing ethanol and other renewable fuels has to be taken in consideration before proceeding with the act.

  5. osha 10 hour online says

    I believe a quick implementation if only temporary would be a great idea as long as a well though out legislation is created without time restraints.

  6. Jason says

    I think we need a more aggressive approach when it comes to renewable energy at our current rate even if we were to change to renewable energy in ten year it would not be enough

  7. Murals Atlanta says

    About the Advocacy recommendation to the EPA about small business fuel refiners I think implementing a phased approach would be more beneficial because it would at least get every thing started

  8. Decorative Painting Murals says

    “And fyi, Advocacy’s website contains a fact sheet summarizing the letter’s main points.”
    I will go and check that out!!

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